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「ヘイトスピーチ・ヘイトニュースとメディア情報リテラシー 」


 今回の研究会は、ヘイトスピーチ・ヘイトニュース問題に取り組んでいるお二人のメディアの方を招き、日本におけるメディア・テラシー教育のあるべき姿について議論したいと思います。 第一部では神奈川新聞のデスクの神奈川新聞 デジタル編集部編集委員の石橋学氏と東京新聞の鈴木賀津彦氏からヘイトニュースについて述べてもらいます。また、コメンテーターの法政大学坂本旬教授は、メディア情報リテラシー教育の観点からヘイトスピーチ・ヘイトニュース問題について述べます。


日時 3月25日(土) 14:00〜17:00
場所 法政大学市ヶ谷キャンパス
   ボアソナードタワー3F マルチメディアスタジオ

主催 一般社団法人アジア太平洋メディア情報リテラシー教育センター(AMILEC)

後援 検討中

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主催挨拶とコーディネーター紹介 長岡素彦(AMILEC)




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AMILEC第18回研究会グローバルMIL WEEK参加企画

 AMILEC第18回研究会は、11月初めにサンパウロで開催されたグローバルMILウィークの報告と同時に発表されたユネスコ『MILID YearBook 2016』の紹介をもとに、世界と日本におけるメディア・リテラシーと情報リテラシー教育の現状と課題を考えます。

 第1部は、グローバルMILウィークとGAPMILの現状の報告とヘイトスピーチに対抗するUNAOCのメディア・リテラシー教育政策やIFLAのMIL政策動向について報告します。また、11月末に公開されるユネスコYearBook2016についての紹介も行う予定です。また、情報リテラシーとは何か、その意味を確認するため、1999年に発売された米学校図書館協会監修「Know It All」第13巻「アクティブラーニングのための情報リテラシー基準」日本語字幕版を特別上映します。


第1部 グローバルMILウィークの報告 村上郷子
     学校図書館とメディア情報リテラシー 坂本 旬
第2部 ディスカッション

日時 2016年12月10日(土) 18:30〜20:30

場所 法政大学市ヶ谷キャンパス
ボアソナードタワー12階 キャリア・アクティブ・ラーニング・スタジオ(CALS)

主催 一般社団法人アジア太平洋メディア情報リテラシー教育センター(AMILEC)


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主催挨拶とコーディネーター紹介 長岡素彦(AMILEC)


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MIL WEEKのプログラム

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11月2日からブラジルのサンパウロで始まるMIL WEEKのプログラムです。

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Media contact: Cynthia Lieberman

National U.S. "Media Literacy Week" 
Returns for Second Year
October 31 thru November 4, 2016
(New York, NY - September 6, 2016) - Media Literacy Week(#MediaLitWk) in the U.S. is being held October 31 - November 4, 2016. The mission of Media Literacy Week is to highlight the power of media literacy education and its essential role in education today.

Sponsored by Trend Micro and hosted by the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE), Media Literacy Week already has the support of numerous partnering organizations and dedicated, passionate media literacy experts and practitioners across the nation. Kicking off U.S. Media Literacy Week will be the Digital Citizenship Summit on October 28 at Twitter's San Francisco headquarters with panels and presentations highlighting the themes of "Citizenship, Literacy, and Advocacy."
Media Literacy Week is designed to bring attention and visibility to media literacy education in the U.S. Inspired by Canada's Media Literacy Week now in its 11th year, NAMLE is leading the efforts to create an annual media literacy week in the U.S that showcases the work of amazing media literacy educators and organizations nationwide and drives conversation that creates positive social change.
"The importance of media literacy is continuing to rise, especially given the increasing influence of mobile technologies, live streaming platforms and accelerated influx of tech use in the classroom, " said NAMLE Board Member, Lynette Owens, and Global Director, Internet Safety for Kids & Families Program, Trend Micro. "For these reasons and more, Trend Micro is thrilled to be a proactive participant with NAMLE in helping kids be safer and more responsible digital citizens during Media Literacy Week in the United States and beyond."
"It is vital in today's participatory culture for learners of all ages to understand how to access, analyze, evaluate, communicate, and create all forms of media especially in the midst of the presidential election season," explains NAMLE Executive Director, Michelle Ciulla Lipkin. "It is the mission of this year's Media Literacy Week to shine a spotlight on the power of media literacy education and its vital role in education today."
In an effort to raise national awareness of the escalating demand for media literacy education at home and in schools, affiliated Media Literacy Week partners are working with NAMLE to execute participatory events including #MediaLitWk classroom lessons, live webinars, tweet chats, screenings, PSAs and more.
"These are exciting times for media literacy education. We are fortunate to see people all over the country already making plans to get involved in U.S. Media Literacy Week on a local and national level," adds Lipkin. "We are exhilarated by the amazing ideas that have started to evolve by returning partners, teachers, and collective brain trusts. We look forward to watching the initiative's impact grow."
Organizations and Educators Welcome to Contribute

All are welcome to participate in Media Literacy Week efforts.
If you are an organization interested in being a Media Literacy Partner, email mlwpartners@namle.net.
If you are a teacher interested in getting involved, emailmlwteachers@namle.net.
If you are interested in sponsoring, email Michelle Ciulla Lipkin, Executive Director at mciullalipkin@namle.net.
It's up to each educator and organization to decide how they will participate, but given the proximity to the presidential election, NAMLE is encouraging the exploration of news literacy and civic engagement. For help planning, feel free to visit http://medialiteracyweek.us for tips and ideas or reach out directly to medialiteracyweek@namle.net.
About NAMLE (Host)
The National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE) is a professional association for educators, academics, activists, and students with a passion for understanding how the media we use and create affect our lives and the lives of others in our communities and in the world. The NAMLE vision is to help individuals of all ages to develop the habits of inquiry and skills of expression they need to be critical thinkers, effective communicators and active citizens in today's world. For more information, visit www.namle.net.
About Trend Micro (Sponsor)
Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in security software, strives to make the world safe for exchanging digital information. Built on 25 years of experience, our solutions for consumers, businesses and governments provide layered data security to protect information on mobile devices, endpoints, gateways, servers and the cloud. Trend Micro enables the smart protection of information, with innovative security technology that is simple to deploy and manage, and fits an evolving ecosystem. All of our solutions are powered by cloud-based global threat intelligence, the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™ infrastructure, and are supported by more than 1,200 threat experts around the globe.  For more information, visit TrendMicro.com.
Trend Micro's Commitment to the Internet Safety of Kids and Families

To support its vision of making the world safe for exchanging digital information, Trend Micro aspires to make a difference by using its expertise to make the world at large a better place. Trend Micro has made a commitment to make the Internet a great place for young people around the world through its world-wide education and volunteer program, grants and donations, and partnerships with those who share its mission. For more information visit: internetsafety.trendmicro.com.

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NAMLE(全米メディア・リテラシー教育学会)2017年発表者の募集です。テーマは「Engaging Citizens, Building Community」

June 27-28, 2017
Chicago, IL
Roosevelt University
"Engaging Citizens, Building Communities"
Accepting Proposals for Presentations

The rapid development of new media technologies and cultures in today's society is reshaping what it means to be an engaged citizen.  From printed political pamphlets to television broadcasts of presidential debates, media have always played a part in politics.  In today's networked society, the public's participation in political processes and their use of media are increasingly interconnected.  Yet, public perceptions of both politics and the press are at an all time low and in this most recent election cycle, discerning fact from fiction from outright lies is a 24/7 challenge[1].  More than ever before, media literacy is a 'core competency for engaged citizenship in participatory democracy.' 
Our mission for the 2017 NAMLE Conference is to explore the relationship between media literacy education, civic participation and community building within our contemporary culture. We invite presentation and session proposals that address the conference theme of "Engaging Citizens, Building Community."
The 2017 NAMLE Conference will be held at Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL.  Founded on the principles of inclusion and social justice, Roosevelt is a private, student-centered university with 5,400 students located in the heart of the Windy City. During the conference, attendees will come together to discuss issues of media literacy education and civic engagement, as well as strengthen the community of scholars, practitioners, and educators interested in media literacy.
In an effort to provide a variety of opportunities for interaction, discussion and collaboration among our membership, the 2017 conference will include a range of events including plenary speakers, presentations from NAMLE members, special curated sessions, workshops and other exciting events, all related to the theme of "Engaging Citizens, Building Community." Topics addressed will include 
but are not limited to:
  • Media, activism and social change - Presentations will address the role of media in social movements and the relationship between media literacy education and social justice.
  • Youth media - Presentations will address youth media's potential for encouraging the rising generation of citizens to express themselves and engage with their communities.
  • Civic engagement - Presentations will examine the role of media in contemporary citizenship, including the development of new forms of civic discourse, political practice, advocacy, etc.
  • News Literacy - Presentations will address the importance of critically engaging with journalistic sources, especially in relation to contemporary politics.
  • Community & the 'Big Tent' - Presentations will explore the varied theoretical foundations, pedagogical practices, and areas of inquiry in the field of media literacy education, and seek to identify connections that might strengthen the media literacy community.
Potential proposal submissions will include individual presentations, group discussions, interactive workshops and other innovative formats. We encourage scholars, educators, media professionals, students, and activists interested in furthering media literacy education to prepare a submission. Proposals will be given special consideration if they (1) articulate concrete connections to the conference theme, and (2) demonstrate the potential for dynamic discussion and shared discovery.
Presenters can select from the following submission formats:
  • Individual Presentations (15 min) - This format allows individuals to share research and practice related to the conference theme of "Engaging Citizens, Building Community." Individual presentations may be organized into a session with presentations that address a related theme or into a "Dialogues" session (see below).
  • Group Discussions (60 minutes) - This format allows for 3-4 participants to present related research or projects. These group discussions can be organized as panel presentations or interactive workshops.
  • Flash Talks (5 minutes)- This format showcases innovative ideas, projects, and research in the areas of media literacy education. The format, modeled after Ignite (www.ignitetalks.io), challenges presenters to clearly and succinctly explain their work or ideas in just 5 minutes, potentially leading to new collaborative partnerships among conference attendees and presenters. 
In addition to traditional sessions, the conference organizers will curate some new activities and session formats to engage conference attendees:
  • Dialogues -  These sessions place two presenters with complimentary themes in dialogue with each other. Individual proposals will be selected and paired with each other by conference organizers. Dialogues may partner a theoretician with a practitioner, an educator with an activist, a media creator with a community organizer, etc.  The objective of these sessions is to facilitate critical conversations about key issues within the media literacy community. Proposals accepted to participate in a 'Dialogues' session will be required to submit a written draft of their presentation at a later date. These drafts will be made available to conference attendees via the NAMLE website previous to the conference. Each session will have a moderator who will guide the dialogue between presenters and attendees.
  • Compelling Models - These sessions will allow organizations including research centers, youth media organizations, tech-focused and community-based organizations, etc. to share innovative ways in which they are advancing media literacy principles through a variety of fields. Organizations are encouraged to submit proposals for innovative and interactive 'Group Discussions' that showcase their particular work.
  • Community-Building-These sessions will organize conference attendees by their particular area of interest (including PK-12, undergraduate education, research & scholarship, youth media, etc.). Discussion leaders will design sessions that encourage the creation of community within these areas, encouraging individuals to connect, share their work, and have critical conversations about specific issues related to their areas of interest.
Download a proposal template. Use the online template to describe your proposed session. Make sure your proposal is formatted as a PDF document to be sent as an email attachment. Indicate the authors' names, affiliations, email addresses, contact information and presentation format in the EMAIL ONLY. Do not include identifying information in the proposal itself. Presentations will undergo a blind review, and then be organized by the conference committee into general and curated sessions.
Submit your proposal to: submissions@namle.net no later than January 4, 2017, 11:59pm PST
Because NAMLE is a not-for-profit organization, the financial viability of the conference depends on the support of everyone who attends. Invited participants are required to register for the conference when they accept their invitation. Invitations will be sent in March following the conference committee's peer-review and selection process. Registration information will be available on the NAMLE and conference website at that time.
All accepted proposals will be required to submit an engaging image/video and <100 word abstract that will be used to promote the presentation on NAMLE's website and social media presence.
Selected research presentations from the conference will be invited for publication in the Journal of Media Literacy Education.

Any questions?

Please email submissions@namle.net

[1] See "Campaign Exposes Fissures Over Issues, Values and How Life Has Changed in the U.S." Pew Research Center, Washington, D.C. (Mar 31, 2016) http://www.people-press.org/2016/03/31/1-views-of-the-primaries-press-coverage-of-candidates-attitudes-about-government-and-the-country/
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日時 2016年9月24日(土) 18:30〜20:30

場所 法政大学市ヶ谷キャンパス
   ボアソナードタワー14階 資格課程実習室(精密)
主催 一般社団法人アジア太平洋メディア情報リテラシー教育センター(AMILEC)
   法政大学 坂本旬研究室
共催 関係性の教育学会


後援 検討中

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主催挨拶とコーディネーター紹介 長岡素彦(AMILEC)

◉第一部 (60分)
◉第二部 (60分)



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Support call for an internationally recognized Global Media and Information Literacy Week

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ユネスコ グローバルMILウィーク2016

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10月31〜11月5日 ブラジル・サンパウロで開催されるユネスコ・グローバルMILウィーク参加登録の締め切りは8月30日です。詳細は以下のリンクを参照してください。

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2016年版『MILID年報』 英語版
2015年版『MILID年報』 英語版
2014年版『MILID年報』 英語版
2013年版『MILID年報』 英語版






日本語版 英語版