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News (Asis)

Women Make the News

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30.04.2015 - Communication & Information Sector

Women Make the News: Let the Images of Women Speak!

UNESCO and the Global Alliance on Media and Gender (GAMAG) call for partners to feature women on their homepages during the month of May and through 2015 to inspire change towards gender equality.

2015 is an important year for women and their empowerment. In this year, the United Nations, governments, civil society and the international development community assess progress towards gender equality and will agree on the Sustainable Development Goals. Women and girls are still underrepresented in all spheres, including media and technology.

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PLURAL+ 2015 Youth Video Festival - Call for Entries

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PLURAL+ 2015 Youth Video Festival on Migration, Diversity and Social Inclusion 
Call for Entries

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) invite you to submit original and creative videos focusing on PLURAL+ themes: Migration, Diversity and Social inclusion. 

Please see more details as follows:

Download the entry form and see the instructions on PLURAL+  website
You can watch PLURAL+ 2014 award winning videos here
For more information, please contact:
Or find PLURAL+ on:
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UNAOC is looking for Intern

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UNAOC is looking for
Media and Information Literacy Programs Intern

Application period19-Feb-2015 to 21-Mar-2015

Much appreciated if you could  share this with your circles.

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EdMedia 2014 World conference

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EdMedia 2014 - World Conference on Educational Media and Technology

Tampere, Finland: June 23-27, 2014

Important Documents & Information

Call for Presentations:Due December 13

Advance Program / Registration: Register by May 2 & Save!

Special: Emerging Scholar Stream 2013 (PDF)

Proceedings Guidelines

Conference Poster

Conference Call

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PLURAL+ 2013 Awards Ceremony

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Hi everyone!
This finds you well.  Please see the following site and information:  If you are interested in it, you could join it next year!

PLURAL+ 2013 Awards Ceremony
December 5, 2013
6:00-8:00 pm
Paley Center for Media, New York City 

Young video producers from around the world will share their work with the audience and receive the PLURAL + 2013 awards at Paley Center for Media in New York City (25 West 52th Street) on Thursday, December 5th.

The three winners of the PLURAL + International Jury Awards for the age groups of 9-12, 13-17 and 18-25 are: Cumulo Nimbus Organization from France; Shruti Rai from India; and Bizimana Francois, a Rwandese refugee living in Kenya. Other PLURAL+ award winning videos, selected by PLURAL+ partners, will also be presented during the event.

For the complete list of PLURAL+ 2013 award winning videos, please see PLURAL+ 2013

PLURAL+ is a Youth Video Festival on migration, diversity and social inclusion; emphasizing intercultural dialogue, youth expression and the desire for peace and better understanding world-wide. It is a joint initiative of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) with the support of many partner organizations from around the world.
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The News Literacy Project in Vietnam

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The News Literacy Project in Vietnam 

A group of Vietnamese States Alumni sponsored by the States Department has run a project to help students from five local universities approach news and news production from a critical viewpoint.

The one-year project started in May, 2013. Thirty alumni, local lecturers, and journalists joined the July 27-28 training-the-trainers workshop at University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ho Chi Minh. They were commited to help create training materials and provide training for students of University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Ho Chi Minh City, An Giang University, Nha Trang University, Da Lat University, and University of Education - Da Nang University.

Training materials are created based on News Literacy curricula of Stony Brook University (US) and Journalism and Media Studies Center (Hong Kong); however, all examples and exercises are selected from Vietnamese journalism practices. The project covers critical skills such as distinguishing news and other kinds of information based on its purpose, evaluating news sources based on I'M VAIN formula (Independent, Multiple, Verified, Authoritative/Informed, Named Sources), introducing the concepts of fairness and balance, and upraising journalists' practice of verification, independence, and accountability. It also has a special session devoted to online news deconstruction and how to become smart news consumers in the digital age.
More details about the project can be requested at newsliteracyvietnam(@)

Huyen Nguyen*

* Huyen Nguyen was a Vietnamese Fulbright student in AY 2010-2011. She is currently doing her PhD in Mass Communication and Journalism at Ohio University (US) and is one of the coordinators for the News Literacy Project in Vietnam. 

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iVillage Project has been launched (Nepal)

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iVillage Project: 

Rural Content through iPad mini


Need and Context:

After a decade long conflictthat ended in 2006, Nepal expects to enter into a new phase of inclusivedemocracy, economic prosperity and social security. Political developments in acouple of years have raised aspirations among the marginalized communitiesliving across the nation. And they are passionately waiting for transformationand their voices and rights to be ensured through the Constituent Assembly.


The reality of rural life was difficult to be represented because of conflict and security problems in the past. However, the situation has changed, with the introduction of more local and community based media in these areas specially radio. But still real stories from the rural Nepal is left untold.


Rural TV Network Nepal  (RTV-Nepal) serves the very purpose to bring in real stories from within the community, by the community- visually to the audience not only at the rural level but all over the world. RTV-Nepal believes that the latest technology can be rightly used for sharing local stories and issues using visual media content.


This initiative of RTV-Nepalis possible because the mobile telephone and Internet users in Nepal is increasing in rural areas rapidly. As per the census report of 2011, 13.18million people in rural areas use cell phones. The report also shows that 180,746households have access to internet –126,654 households in urban and 54,092 in rural areas. This is positive indication about for enthusiast at RTV-Nepal to use internet based transmission of video produced at the rural level in Nepal.Using this method RTV-Nepal with support of some volunteers have started such work to assess possibility.   

iVillage : Rural Content  through iPad

iVillage,is a unique concept started by RTV-Nepal. It is a digital format of rural storytelling. Using this concept RTV-Nepal will train rural community and youth about operation of iPad and iMovie editing software.


The youth after receiving training will use iPad to make a story and upload it in the RTV-Nepal web page in a YouTube format. The youth could use iPad for other purposes like taking photographs, which could also be a means for his/her sustainability in the village in the long run.  


The first phase of i-Village will make rural reporting on various issues. We also provide support for making short documentary about rural development initiative, agriculture production, adventure, culture, life-styles, food, knowledge, local technology etc.

For example:

·iVillage :Three to five minute village profile (our village, beautiful village).

Support us iVillage program: We request individual and institutional donor to provide one iPad mini for one Village Development Committee (VDC). It will also support in digital storytelling in the village and for the introduction of new technology for social purpose. Doing such innovative task will also help in narrowing digital divide.

-      Human Interest stories: Ox fighting in Nuwakot district, horse riding from Dolpa, Sword dance from Gulmi etc.

-      Local solar motor from Baglung

-      Tourism activities from different places 

-      Songs by different ethnicity, region

-    Education— old age education, Girls education program.


About us:

TelevisionJournalist Association of Nepal started RTV- Nepal in 2013. Rural TV is an image of development,lifestyle and culture of rural area in Nepal. It is Nepal's first multi-media web TV ( dedicated to serve the needs and interests of rural people, and those with a passion for rural affairs. Programs are aimed at enthusiast for rural development, rural lifestyle, and farming, along with traditional country music and entertainment.


Rural TV also produces high quality documentary- films, multimedia stories that reflect diverse rural communities and issues. We also aim to reach and inspire audience to encourage learning,understanding, and dialogue about films and media and the issues and emotions that they raise. We also connect the rural and urban life to share their stories and joining better life.


Our Initiatives through Rural TV:

a.    Mainstreaming rural content through new media

Our concern is to mainstream rural content to broadcast through new media. RTV-Nepal will be Nepal's first multi-media web-TV Channel dedicated to serve the needs and interests of rural people, and those with a passion for rural affairs.


b.   V+V Program

Video volunteers are the key personal that make videos for Rural TV. RTV-Nepal will announce young people from rural area for Video Volunteer (V+V) to make creative videos. These volunteers would show their own lifestyle to the rest of the world. TVJ Nepal will give basic training to volunteer for making short video reports.


c.     Build Network: Rural media, national and global media

RTV-Nepal sole purpose is to further strengthen freedom of expression at the rural areas,using volunteers at local level for the purpose of development of rural community voices to be heard at the national and even in international front.So, Rural TV Network  will help in developing strong network with emphasize at the rural level voices by developing relations with different media institutions to the promotion of the freedom expression in rural Nepal.

For Contact in Nepal:

 Himal Neupane    



For Contact in Japan:

 Prof Jun Sakamoto,Hosei University,

 Email:  sakamoto(@)


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